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Long Term Disability Rehabilitation FAQ's

At present I am receiving Long Term Disability (LTD) benefits. Must I participate in the Claims Administrator's vocational rehabilitation plan to continue receiving LTD benefits?

Members receiving LTD benefits may be required to participate in a vocational rehabilitation plan recommended and approved by the Claims Administrator. Failure to co-operate or accept a rehabilitation plan will jeopardize your entitlement to LTD benefits.

I have been on LTD for several months. A part time assignment is coming up and my physician has cleared me for a graduated return to work. If I return to work on a part-time basis, will my LTD benefits be jeopardized?

A member may maintain eligibility for their LTD benefits when they attempt to return to work on a gradual basis by filling a part-time assignment. Every person's situation is unique. To ensure you stay within the provisions of your LTD contract, contact the Claims Administrator's vocational rehabilitation consultant before accepting the assignment.

I am suffering from a degenerative disease. I have been advised by my doctor that I will never be able to return to work on a full-time basis. I am receiving LTD benefits, but I would like to return to work on a very limited basis for as long as my health permits. In these circumstances, would the Claims Administrator approve my return to work?

There are cases where a return to work schedule is approved by the Claims Administrator even though it will never progress beyond part-time work. Prior to approving such a plan, the Claims Administrator would assess the member's diagnosis, prognosis, limitations and restrictions. Consideration would also be given to the amount of employment income to offset/deduct from the LTD benefit.

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