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Long Term Disability Appeal Process FAQ's

Will I get paid while I'm waiting for the outcome of my appeal?

Filing an appeal does not result in payment for your claim while you are awaiting the appeal decision. If, however, the appeal outcome is in your favor, benefits will be paid in accordance with the appeal decision.

Who can I bring to the hearing?

You may bring:

  • Anyone of your choosing to act as your representative (e.g. unionized members may bring a union representative),
  • Someone to provide evidence on your behalf, or,
  • Someone (e.g. spouse) to accompany you to the hearing.

Who will hear my appeal?

An independent, qualified physician, who does not work for Manulife or the NSPS LTD Plan will hear your appeal.

Where will the hearing be held?

Hearings are generally held at the NSPS LTD Plan office in Halifax. You, or your representative, will generally be advised, in writing, of the exact time and location of the hearing two (2) weeks prior to the hearing date.

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